Comparison with Traditional Self-hosted Software

Traditional self-hosed software
Hidden fees (EUR/year)
Galact i s. Education
Turnkey, cloud (hosted in our data center)
Security certificate to ensure server authenticity and data encryption over Internet (HTTPS/SSL)
150 Offered
Static IP address to allow inbound connections from Internet (students, parents, teachers and staff working from home)
250 You don't need it
Internet link with symmetric inbound/outbound data rates and SLA
3000 You don't need it
Professional server (2800 EUR - depreciation / 7 years)
400 You don't need it
A second server for high availability and data backups
300 You don't need it
Electricity bills related to server operation, ventilation and air conditioning
400 You won't have any
Server maintenance fees (system updates, data backups, malware management, etc.)
500 You won't have any
Total hidden fees (EUR/year) 5000 Zero
Service availability
No guarantees At least 99.9%
Service performance (average response time)
No guarantees Less than one second