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Integrated College and School Management

Streamlined Processes. End To End Coverage. 

Administrative & Financial Management

Administrative Management

Manage your human resources (HR), payroll, accounting and invoicing. Enjoy full integration with the academic, student and campus management processes.

 Academic Management

Academic Management

Manage multiple schools, curricula, levels, standards and scopes. Plan your academic terms, classes, faculty, subjects and classrooms. Track course progress and assess student performance.

 Student Management

Student Management

Define and manage your admission process. Plan and track student activities and development. Archive alumni records for future reference and permanent access.

Campus Management

Campus Management

Keep oversight over your campus services, including student cash wallets, transport, library, health center, as well as point of sales (shop, cafeteria, restaurant), inventory and stock.

Beyond College and School Management

Better Visibility. Higher Productivity.

 Communication & Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration

Foster communication and collaboration among all your stakeholders: administration, faculty, students & parents. 

  Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Keep track of, and improve your standards achievement, faculty performance and overall service quality.

  Analytics & Decision Making

Analytics & Decision Making

Make informed decisions based on well-defined financial and academic key performance indicators.


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