Intuitive Interface, Ubiquitous Access

User Friendly Interface

A professional and easy to use interface. Color codes for subjects, marks, timetables, etc.

 Information At Your Fingertip

Information structured by academic year, school, grade, class/batch, student, subject, lesson, assessment type...

Multilingual Support

English and French Support

Role-based Perspectives

A customized perspective per user role (student, parent, faculty, back office, accountant, HR manager, etc.)

Web 2.0 Access

All you need is a browser and an Internet connection to experience the power of instantaneous, web 2.0 access

 Anytime, Anywhere Access

Mobile access for anytime, anywhere, on-the-go access.

Cloud-based Software, Rock Solid Infrastructure

Software as a Service

Cloud-based software as a service

Turnkey Solution

All-in-one, zero-installation, web-based, ready-to-go solution


No initial investment, no hardware or software acquisition, no maintenance or electricity fees, no IT staff hiring

 Lightning Fast

Smart algorithms, dynamic caching, load balancing, powerful processing

Highly Scalable

Scaling to increasing numbers of students and peak periods (admissions, exams, etc.)

Highly Secure

The need to know, separation of duties, role-based access control, tracing & logging (who did what when), automatic backups, SSL traffic, vulnerability management