Planning, Organizing, Sharing, Tracking and Evaluating

Multi-School Support

Kindergarten, elementary school and high school integrated management, as well as college management

Levels, Standards & Scopes

 Levels, standards and scopes creation and management per school

Subjects, Lessons & Resources

Subjects definition per level & scope, lessons & resources specification per subject, standards support per subject

Faculty Skills & Subject Mapping

Specification of who can teach what to support subject planning

 Academic Planning & Calendar

Academic years & terms creation and management, important dates definition, and classes creation

Resources Allocation

Faculty, class, subject and classroom allocation and association: who, what, where

Timetable Management

Timetable specification per faculty-class-subject-classroom association: who, what, where, when

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing space per class & subject, integration with YouTube, Google Docs and Facebook

Course Progress Tracking

Workbook filled by and managed by faculty, and consulted by students, parents and administration

Live Reporting

Attendance reporting by faculty, live from classrooms, using institution-provided PCs or handheld devices

Timely Tracking

Timely administration and parents access to reported absences

Realtime Notifications

  Realtime and automatic parent notifications via email and mobile app

Assessment Structure Specification

Definition of evaluation types and structure (weights or percentages) per subject & level

Online Coursework Publication & Grading by Faculty

Online coursework (instructions, resources and deadline) publication and grading by faculty

Online Inquiries & Coursework Submission by Students

  Online interactions between students and faculty about published coursework, and online coursework submission

Automatic Class & Student Grades Calculation

  Automatic calculation of class average, min & max grades per coursework and subject, and automatic student overall grade calculation and timely update

Online Grade Access and Realtime Notifications 

Online and timely access to grades by students and parents, as well as realtime parents notifications via email and mobile app

Automatic Transcript Generation & Online Access

Automatic transcript generation for each student as a print-ready PDF document, and online access by students and parents