Your School Website for Free!

Absolutely free and fully-integrated with Galactis.Education School Management Software.

A Plenty of Features. No Technical Skills Required

Your institution can finally have the website it deserves.

Custom Design

Custom website structure and look'n feel according to your requirements and visual identity.

Content Management

Create, manage and keep full control over your content. No technical skills required.

 Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited time, space and bandwidth.


Open doors, admission tests, graduation ceremony, etc. Create and publish events and manage attendees.

 Docs & Presentations

Publish your PowerPoint presentations, Word and PDF documents, as well as Google Docs.

 Photo Gallery

Tell the story of your school through your selection of attractive photos.


Make your website available in many languages and reach out a wider audience.


Allow your visitors to access your website on the go, through a mobile-friendly interface.

Fully Integrated

Enjoy full integration with Galactis.Education All-in-one School Management Software.

YouTube Integration

Publish your favorite YouTube videos on your website.

Social Media Integration

Let your visitors share your website publications on Facebook or Twitter. Link to your Facebook / Twitter page.

 Google Analytics Integration

Keep full control over your Google Analytics Account and leverage its full power to get detailed statistics about your website

Automated Backups

Rely on Galactis.Education automated backups, which also include your website content.

SSL Certificate

Protect the webmaster credentials and sessions from eavesdropping and hijacking.

Domain Name

Acquire your own domain and keep full control over it.