Galact i s. Education

School Management Software Morocco

Fully compliant with the Moroccan Education System as well as the Moroccan Accounting System.

Full Implementation of the Moroccan Education System

Under the supervision of our Moroccan subject-matter experts and consultants

Adopt Galactis.Education for your school  in Morocco with confidence and enjoy the full compliance with the Moroccan National Education System.

Automatic Synchronization with Massar

Click2Sync Technology: Reporting grades to Massar has never been so easy... and so fast!

Galactis.Education is fully integrated with Massar thanks to our Click2Sync technology. Avoid the hassle of reporting thousands of grades each semester to Massar and delegate this tedious task to Galactis.Education. You can even allow your teachers to synchronize the grades with Massar in a timely manner.

Moroccan Accounting System Support  

Moroccan Chart of Accounts